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How to Get Refund Without Returning Product on Amazon (Easy Trick)

Today i am going to share an amazing trick which will help you to claim refund from amazon without returning product this trick name as amazon refund trick¬†which i have posted already but now i will explain you full details about how to get refund without returning product on amazon, so let’s get started

How to get refund without returning product on amazon

Guys, many people doing scam on whatsapp or facebook by the name of amazon refund trick, they are offering full amount refund and they will take 50% from you for this case but beware there are many fake guy who runout after taking your money so that is why i am going to share this trick so that you can able to claim refund by yourself

How to Get Refund without Returning Product on Amazon?

Please note: do this trick with your own risk, we are not responsible for any kind of missuse of this trick, i am sharing this trick for knowledge base only, i do’t recemonded you to do this with any online shopping site

  • Firstly make an amazon account, purchase some goods from that account
  • After getting the product, call to amazon customer care and tell them that “you got empty box”
  • Then amazon will fill a complain and you will receive a mail too from amazon
  • Within 24 hour, you will get refund for your order

Where you will receive refund?

  1. If your order is COD then amazon will refund you on amazon pay balance which can be used for your next order
  2. Or if you order through CC/DC/NB then amazon will refund to the same card which is used while plaing order

If you need instant refund then you can claim refund which having COD order otherwise online payment will take upto 15 days to receive your refund in your same card

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Some FAQs about this amazon refund trick

1. Will this trick really work?

Yes, its working from last 1 year and its still working

2. Is it safe to claim refund without returning product on amazon?

No!! Amazon can file a case against you and police can arrest you

3. How many product can be claimed refund?

Maximum 1 product per account

4. Is there anyone got arrested in this case?

Yes!! 2 delhi boys arrested who dumped 50 lac on amazon, he claimed refund upto 140 phones.

So guys these some faqs i have added here for better understand, if you have any others question then let me know in comment section below

If you want refund in safe way then you can contact me, i will do everything in safe way for you but you have to pay for my work

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How to Get Refund Without Returning Product on Amazon (Easy Trick)
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